PEPA - an innovative portable lamp with
an infinite rotational dimming system, that marries
traditional craft with modern technology. >

ANONIMO CONTEMPORANEO - An exercise to demonstrate that it’s possible to revisit the same idea infinite times, while never repeatin one’s self, experimenting new mataterials >

4GAMBE - A table system characterized by extreme modularity >

ALBEISA - We chose aluminium to achive the objectives of substatial lightness (less than 5Kg)and environmental sustainability >

CONTROVENTO - A big round table inspired by the typicals architectural wooden bracings >

MASALELA - Mabeo has for the first time in 2017, started a relationship with craftsmen in Botswana who specialise in metal hand craft work >

GALLINA - is part of a collection of 12 wooden animals >

HONEY FACTORY is designed to bring bees closer to people >

RE-FIRE KIT - A kit designed for manual fire-lighting >

28 POSTI RESTAURANT - The architectural project aimed to bring the room to its original state with the incorporation of new furniture >

WHY NOT - “The NGO invited me to participate to the project. They asked me to design the school furnishing and equipment using only local materials and manpower” >

NODUS RUG - The carpet “Sempre sul filo” is a tribute to Philippe Petit >

I consider "Assemblaggi" to be my very first and innocent approach to design world >