Client: Orografie

Allodola is an object that would not have existed 10 years ago.
New habits are transforming our domestic rituals and very often the phone is part of them: reading the news, making a call, watching a recipe or a movie, listening to music and many other actions.


The telephone concentrates functions and expands our homes, transforming and transporting them elsewhere. It is an extension of our brains, a prosthesis of our bodies, a contemporary fetish that has profoundly and silently changed our lives. Allodola is a "mute servant", a place dedicated to the phone, which follows us in our domestic habits.

The telephone can be easily positioned thanks to a magnet placed in the articulated head and, once removed, a mirror surface appears. Like the proverbial "Specchietto per allodole" (literally "mirror for larks" the equivalent of "smoke and mirror"), the telephone is an object that attracts us, making itself sometimes indispensable, sometimes illusory.

This project is part of the @orografie collection conceived by Giorgia Bartolini and curated by Vincenzo Castellana.

Ph. Credits: Veronica Camera, Studio Francesco Faccin