Zattere | Allegorie di progetto


Curator: Sistemamanifesto
Corraini Edizioni

Zattere, Allegorie di Progetto is a book published by Corraini Edizioni and curated by Sistemamanifesto with a foreword by Michele de Lucchi.

This book and project are a tribute to the raft, understood here as an abstract category and not just in the literal sense.
Now more than ever, there is an urgent need to explore the world and be amazed once again, remembering that the project is a primordial human need and an act that must be cultivated as an antidote to alienation.

“Rafts remind us that we live on a wild planet and that the unknown, the unexpected, in our case the shipwreck, the emergency, the sudden and radical changes, are the very essence of our being human and reconcile us with the rest of nature which follows this pattern with ease, unaware of alternative models. [...]

[...] The greatest danger we face is losing sight of risk and uncertainty, for it is through nurturing these aspects that we maintain an awareness of the necessity and pleasure of frugality.”


"[...] Francesco Faccin has made the remarkable charm of rafts
his own, giving us in exchange the reflections, insights and intellectual stimuli they have inspired. Through the simplicity, poverty and intelligence underlying the design of a raft, Francesco conveys his deep passion for the design profession. [...]"

From the foreword by Michele De Lucchi

The desire for change inspires projects that make us look beyond, always imagining a better life. Freedom is an arduous daily project that requires constant renewal.
It is not a condition that occurs by magic, but the result of a continuous, clear design that takes different variables into account. Freedom and design are thus inseparable because the latter, in all its forms, is the only tool for change and participation available to us from birth. After all, if we stop designing what else are we left with?

Ph. Credits: Sistemamanifesto