carry on wheelbarrow


Client: Officinanove
Photo Credits: Anna Positano e Nuvola Ravera
«CARRY ON» is a real wheelbarrow, an accessory for work or leisure activities, propelled by human energy and suitable for moving any type of material. It is based on the simplest of the early ‘machines’ – the lever – which is nothing else than a device that makes it possible to ‘lighten’ a load. CARRY ON is an item that makes us stop and think about our times, our lifestyle and the global economic system. It is a return to simple, functional things, to where mankind, willpower and physical effort play a determining role. CARRY ON has clean, simple lines. The wood-and-metal structure is available in a variety of colors.
It does the work it was designed for – and lots more. With a bit of imagination it can be an eclectic and interesting hold-all for indoor or outdoor use. CARRY ON is the item that identifies Officinanove as a firm that is aware of and sensitive to not only trends, but the needs of our times.”

process pictures