masalela mabeo


Client: Mabeofurniture
Photo credits: Mabeofurniture

Mabeo has for the first time in 2017, started a relationship with craftsmen in Botswana who specialise in metal hand craft work. With great appreciation and respect for these craftmen, who expertly cut, shape and stich reclaimed metal sheets into functional objects for daily use, Mabeo came to our studio, due to his sensitivity and overall approach. A conversation about this metal craftwork, sustainability and design began. The result – A series of pot plant platforms dubbed _ Masalela pot plants.

Masalela in the one of the local languages of Botswana means ‘left overs’. Made with textured aluminium treadplate, contrasted with painted, smoothgalvanised sheets, the industrial materials are worked on to create precise forms which are slightly disturbed by the organic variations of the hand, creating objects that have a precise yet sublte feeling to them. Available in 3 sizes and colours, the platforms allow for versitile plant arrangements. Custom sizes for large scale contract installations are also possible.

Rossana Orlandi gallery, 2017

process pictures

Manufactured by Mabeofurniture - Made in Botswana

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