oled lamp


Co-signed with Francesco Meda
Photo credits: Nilufar - Daniele Iodice
Client: Nilufar Gallery

Oled Lamp’s shape is defined by the use of last-generation OLED mirror panels mounted on a laser-cut mirror stainless steel structure.

OLEDs are a new kind of light source that allow totally innovative possibilities in the way we design and use light. Composed of light emitting diodes, they exploit the quality of “organic” electronics and are composed of super thin layers of film which are crossed by electrical currents that are able to emit light.

The OLEDs used have a reflective surface that gives the object a surprising appearance, decorative but very technical at the same time. Thanks to this feature the chandelier reflects the surrounding environment even when switched off creating an unexpected effect, turning it into a very shiny object. The stainless steel structure consists of three independent OLED modules that, when assembled in series, allows the creation of different versions of the chandelier that can be adapted to specific requests both for private and contract customers.

In this lamp, the technology used determines the form, because the structure and the light source are the same.

Leonardo Da Vinci, ”Mazzocchio”

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