Client: Astep

Pepa is an innovative portable lamp inspired by a pepper grinder with an infinite rotational dimming system.
With a strong body of solid wood and powered by a technological heart, Pepa is a portable luminaire that marries traditional craft with modern technology.

Pepa was inspired by a small kitchen tool that can be found on tables in homes and restaurants all over the world: the pepper grinder.

As you would hold and twist a pepper grinder to add pepper to a dish, Pepa is held and twisted to add light to your evening everywhere.




As you rotate the conical reflector of Pepa, the illumination can be finely and smoothly adjusted from off to on, and anywhere in-between. Rotating limitlessly 360° there are two points with precise clicks: one at full brightness and another when off.

Pepa is inviting to touch and hold, having the warm and familiar feel of solid Ash wood. One of the most traditional materials for culinary tools, wood ages beautifully and was a fitting choice for Pepa considering origin of its inspiration. Inside the beautifully finished wooden form, Pepa incorporates sophisticated multi-axis magnetic field sensor technology, which eliminates all wires inside and outside the product. Standard rechargeable batteries power this technological core with USB-C connectivity.

Pepa is the result of a characteristically holistic approach that combines industrial production with hand-craft. The thoughtful simplicity of construction ensures that Pepa has the longest product life possible, making it a highly sustainable object. By removing just four screws, Pepa is easily maintained and completely repairable. The standard AA NiMH batteries, found in any grocery store, can be easily replaced as they age, and even the circuit board can be simply swapped if need be. At the product’s end-of-life all the parts can be sin- gularly detached and sorted, and the natural wood can return to nature.

Pepa’s handy shape and lantern-like dimensions give it the versatility to adapt to many spaces and situations: on the dining table, next to the bed as a reading light, on the balcony... a humble wooden luminaire with long-lasting utility and elegance.

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Project team:
Giuseppe Arezzi, Veronica Camera

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