pelleossa chair


Client: Miniforms
Photo credits: Andrea Basile

The Pelleossa chair’s name literally translates to “skin and bones.” The solid ash wood and top quality leather combines the best of traditional workmanship and modern production efficiency.

The Pelleossa chair is at the same time an artisanal and industrial product. On one hand it is made of traditional non-technological materials and is certainly inspired by some great classics of Italian design of a pre-industrial era such as Chiavarina chair (already inspirer of Giò Ponti's Superleggera chair).
But at the same time is mainly designed with the logic of industrial production, to be produced in series and to lower production costs to a minimum. The chair is in fact made with a single technology, the "copying" lathe, which, in fact, copies a matrix usually made out of aluminum in order to obtain many identical and quickly produced pieces. The obsessiv repetition of only two diameters (30mm max and 15mm min) optimizes the usable material.

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