Piccola chair


Client: Slow wood

The Piccola chair is specially designed for narrow spaces as small bars, bistrot and cafe. Compares to a regular one, the Sedia Piccola is a thinner chair, even a little bit severe but with a strong personality given by a single detail, a sort of wedge, obsessively repeated in the encounters of various beams that compose the chair.
This construction detail is a way to “highlight” the very effective system of “mortise and tenon” that has always been used in chair making.
It’s a clear and sincere executive system since the first glance.

The Piccola chair was chosen by chef Massimo Bottura (best chef of the world 2017) for his Refettorio in Bologna. The Refettorio project is part of the activities of the "Food for Soul" organization ,founded by Massimo Bottura, that fights food waste in support of social inclusion and individual well-being.

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Photos credits: Delfino Sisto Legnani