Nervosa Chair


Client: Woak

Nervosa chair and armchair are the starting point for a family of products that also includes a table, a bar stool, a small stool and a bench. 

The main inspiration came from typical chairs, common in alpine areas of Italy and southern Europe, a peculiar piece of furniture characterized by a solid wood seat as a key element.
The seat hosts the legs and the backrest through a system of joints.
We kept the basic idea of the alpine chair, but we reimagined it to be manufactured using sophisticated
CNC techniques.

The seat is carved from a single block of solid wood that, after being CNC machined, is dug to reduce its weight, keeping two ribbed elements, which run longitudinally and serve both as structural elements and as housing for the front and rear legs, which are grafted respectively with a classic tenon system and with a system of male-female joints.

The same interlocking system used to anchor the rear legs to the seat is used to anchor the backrest, also CNC machined from a single block of wood and characterized by a light structure, reinforced by two structural ribs running longitudinally.


The same construction principle and proportions have been used to produce the rest of the components of the family, consisting of a bench and a stool, designed by adapting the seat of the chair, a small armchair with armrests, and a dining table.

Project Leader: Alberto Manca