GATherer Hat

Client: Korean Crafts and Design Foundation

Korean craftsmanship meets Italian design on the occasion of the 2022 Milan Design Week.

On this occasion there was an exhibion with a public preview of the manufacts born from the cultural exchange between Korean traditional craftsmen and three Italian architects and designers:
Michele De Lucchi, Mario Trimarchi and Francesco Faccin

The exhibition, entitled "Again, From The Earth's Foundation", tackles the theme of respect for nature, bringing attention to the value of high-end craftsmanship and to the use of raw materials that come from nature itself.

A Korean countryman wearing a traditional gat.
An Italian paesant carrying a basket on her head.

The artifact looks like a traditional straw hat but it can be disassembled and transformed into a container once at home. The project stems from the Korean Craft and Design Foundation's desire to join two cultures that seems distant but that actually share a great sensitivity for artisanal skills, combined with ancient traditions full of cultural significance.

Project Leader: Alberto Manca

Ph. Credits: Veronica Camera, Studio Francesco Faccin