GATherer Hat


Client: Korean Crafts and Design Foundation

Korean craftsmanship meets Italian design on the occasion of the 2022 Milan Design Week.

On this occasion there was an exhibion with a public preview of the manufacts born from the cultural exchange between Korean traditional craftsmen and three Italian architects and designers:
Michele De Lucchi, Mario Trimarchi and Francesco Faccin

The exhibition, entitled "Again, From The Earth's Foundation", tackles the theme of respect for nature, bringing attention to the value of high-end craftsmanship and to the use of raw materials that come from nature itself.

A Korean countryman wearing a traditional gat.
An Italian paesant carrying a basket on her head.

The artifact looks like a traditional straw hat but it can be disassembled and transformed into a container once at home. The project stems from the Korean Craft and Design Foundation's desire to join two cultures that seems distant but that actually share a great sensitivity for artisanal skills, combined with ancient traditions full of cultural significance.

From The Earth's Foundation hosted by Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KDCF) was held within Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, in the Brera design district for Milan Design Week 2022.

Project Leader: Alberto Manca
Ph. Credits: Veronica Camera, Studio Francesco Faccin