28 Posti restaurant  


Client: Liveinslums - 28 POSTI 

Interior and furniture design: Francesco Faccin

The restaurant is intimate and cozy, with only 28 seats. It is located in a small, quiet street in the heart of the Navigli area in Milan.
The project was commissioned by Livenslims, a Milan-based NGO, which from the earliest stages wanted to involve the Bollate prison and its inmates as an active part of the project.
The architectural project had the objective of restoring the restaurant to its original state with the insertion of new furnishing elements produced with the collaboration of the Bollate prison, using recycled materials.
The kitchen is the soul of the project and reveals the preparation of the dishes to the customers thanks to a slit window that can be quickly glimpsed upon entering the room.
The construction itself was carried out by inmates of the Bollate Penitentiary Institute, who were able to benefit from the 21st article by taking their place on the site. Following this important experience, the restaurant since its opening in 2013 has continued its commitment to the professional reintegration of these disadvantaged categories.

On the other hand, the carpentry workshop activated a series of workshops involving several designers who designed a capsule collection (Bolle Bollate) dedicated to the inmates' cells.

Lighting by Petlamp

Making of 
Prison wood workshop

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Bollate LAB: Liveinslums + Francesco Faccin

Progetto interior e arredi 28 POSTI: Francesco Faccin

  • Progetto architettonico 28 POSTI: Gaetano Berni e Maria Luisa Daglia
  • Grafica e identità visiva 28 POSTI: Claude Marzotto
  • Coordinamento falegnameria: Giuseppe Filippini (ebanista) - Nino Salvatore(falegname)
  • Progetto Bolle-Bollate: Gaetano Berni - Valentina Ciuffi - Silvia Orazi - Anita Silva
  •  Designer: Cini Boeri - Riccardo Dalisi - Riccardo Blumer - Giorgia Zaanellato - Daniele Bortotto
  • Collaboratori: Veronica Vecchi - Maria Luisa Daglia - Ilaria Bacciocchi - Ivan Cosentino
  • Grafica e identità visiva: Valentina Ciuffi - Anita SilvaContributo
  • Fotografi: Antonio Ottomanelli - Filippo Romano - Francesco Giusti