“Al limite”, Free University of Bozen, 2019

There are things that are fully things and things that are almost something else.
Whenever we give a definition, there are things that are approaching and others that move out from the center of that definition.
What is close to the center of the definition is clear, as we move near the outer limits, everything becomes more confused.
At a certain point, things stop being themselves; they come closer to another definition and become something else. For convenience or laziness, we have become accustomed to drawing lines to highlight where this phenomenon happens. This means that suddenly things on one side or the other of this line are radically different, as they are at the center of their definitions.
If things were moving (for heaven's sake!) it would be much harder to draw these boundaries, and it would be better to use shades instead of lines.
If even the definitions move (help!) then it would be chaos and then a design course would be needed to try to design for a world where everything moves close to borders, boundaries and boundaries.

Selection of the most representative projects of the semester
credits : Free University of Bozen